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Pilar B interior McLaren MP4-12c ( Interior B pilar McLaren MP4)

Pilar B interior McLaren MP4-12c ( Interior B pilar McLaren MP4)


pilar b1

pilar b2

pilar b3

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Guardabarros McLaren MP4-12c (Door fender shield McLaren MP4)

Guardabarros McLaren MP4-12c (Door fender shield McLaren MP4)

guardabarros mclaren

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Dartech Wallet english


DARTECH Wallet is our latest product, product of own manufacture. It consists of a wallet for credit cards, ID, tickets, driving license ... with a minimalist, elegant and exclusive design, and whose protagonist is the Carbon Fiber.

The cards are stored in an orderly manner in a set of modules, safely and efficiently. It is a product that, as it can not be otherwise, can be customized. We offer this customization following two lines:

 1. The customer can choose the number of cards he wants to add, adding the necessary modules to his wallet. The wallet consists of 2 covers (each can accommodate 1 or 3 cards, depending on the model or host bills) and the desired card modules (each card module can accommodate 2 cards);

 2. The covers can be customized to the aesthetic level, by means of digital printing, vinyl, engraving on carbon ... (Personalization example is the photos that appear below)

 The card modules and covers are joined by powerful neodymium magnets, which will allow us to open and close our DARTECH Wallet as if it were a deck of cards. In addition, each accommodation has a tab to prevent the cards from falling, so that we have them in an effective and safe way. The lodging for bills responds to the same requirements not interfering with moving parts and being available in a safe and effective way

 DARTECH wallet is manufactured 100% in carbon fiber achieving an extremely light and resistant product. In addition, carbon fiber achieves effective blocking of RFID signals, so that credit cards that have this technology will be safe from attack by opportunistic criminals.

 DARTECH Wallet is not advisable for cards that have a magnetic stripe, due to the magnets available. Does not interfere with RFID or "contactless" or Chip.

 Exclusivity, functionality, elegance and safety are the features sought in DARTECH Wallet, the wallet of 100% minimalist style made of carbon fiber, light and resistant.

 DARTECH Wallet is offered as follows:

 1. DARTECH Wallet "Premium": Accommodation for 6 cards or 5 cards and bills. € 249

     DARTECH Wallet "Premium V2": Improved and more versatile version, with accommodation for 8 cards and manage how you best create bills, cards and even coins. € 249

 2. DARTECH Wallet "Unique": Set up your DARTECH Wallet as you wish. No accommodation cards, bills..., exterior appearance and any other detail that you can think of, we will be happy to help you! We like challenges!


You can see the works that I'm finishing on my facebook page


Facebook https://es-es.facebook.com/dartechcarbono





 Dartech wallet circonita1

  Dartech wallet circonita2

Dartech wallet circonita3

DARTECH Wallet 3 

DARTECH Wallet 4    DARTECH Wallet 5


   DARTECH Wallet CNC        

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Carbon fiber wrapped

In DARTECH Carbono we do all kinds of jobs using carbon fiber and other fibers as raw material, and specifically one of the diversifications that stand out is the work of wrapping carbon fiber parts.

The pieces that we do the most are for motorcycles and cars, trims, mirrors, emblems, ... fenders, diffusers ... and parts in general that, either by wear or by aesthetics, we want to give it a more sporty, exclusive and elegant look.

The material we use is plain carbon fiber or twill type, as well as kevlar-carbon hybrids in different colors.

The wrapped work preserves the original anchors of the piece, with which we guarantee a correct posterior placement.

The carbon fiber is wrapped in a matrix of epoxy resin with UV protection, which guarantees that our parts will have adequate protection outdoors. Subsequently, and as a final finish, we varnish the parts with automotive quality gloss varnish.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a sample of some work done; and you can see the works that I'm finishing on my facebook page



Facebook https://es-es.facebook.com/dartechcarbono


moldura puerta Audi A7difusor BMW Z4

moldura central Audi A7

moldura salpicadero Audi A7

 moldura puerta Audi A7

Audi A7 Carbono

Audi A7 Carbono moldura puerta

tapa cenicero A7

molduras interior BMW M3

agarradores puerta Seat Leon M1

 Renaul Sport      agarrador Megane Sport

Renaul Sport

difussor BMW M3

retrovisores BMW Z4

interior BMW Z4

interior BMW Z4

cubre anti-vuelco BMW Z4

Piezas BMW Z4

agarradores puerta Renault Sport


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We repair of paddle rackets using carbon fiber and fiberglass fabrics combined with epoxy resin.

We give 6 months warranty on our repairs.

OUR ADVICE: The moment a break is detected, it is better to stop playing and repair it to recover its original properties.

You can repair almost all the breaks, as long as you have not degraded too much the core material of the paddle racket (EVA or FOAM rubber), recovering your blade similar conditions of weight, balance and stability, so you are 100% on the track.

The price of repairs varies depending on the areas to be repaired, check the specific conditions of our repairs. You can also see example photographs of some repair work we have done.


  • The final finish of the repair is in carbon fiber, smoothed with the rest of the blade.

  • We do not perform the restoration of paint due to the low demand and the high cost.

  • It took approximately one week, depending on the current work load, increasing this time by 48 hours with transportation.

  • You can make your inquiry through the phone 605501090, Whatsapp Image relacionadadis available too.

  • Pickups and deliveries at home in Valladolid. We also have the following collection and delivery points:

    • Padel Arena: club located on Carretera Madrid nº 184, next to Fasa Renault.
    • Padel Indoor Zaratán: Avda. Gijón, 163, 47610 Zaratán (Behind Expocerámica)
    • Gym G8, in shopping center Equinoccio, in Zaratán.
    • Six Pádel Point / Pádel 6: in ctra Burgos - Portugal, 1A, 47270 Cigales, Valladolid.
    • Todopadel Venta de Baños: club located in the polygon of this town, Tren Mixto street, plot 323.
  • Other collections and deliveries outside of Valladolid through the transport company NACEX, currently Free. (excluding Is. Baleares and Canary Islands, discount of € 10)

    For shipments out of Spain (England, Italy, France, Portugal,...) check the shipping costs by e-mail, whatsapp...

  • Payments can be made by transfer or PayPal

  • RATES (taxes included)

Our criteria for budgeting a repair are based on the number of areas affected by the breakage, generally establishing 3 levels of damage that are listed below:

  • Repair 1 zone: € 30.

  • Repair 2 zones: € 35.

  • Repair 3 zones: € 40.

  • Reconstructions of frame, handle and others: Consult.

  • Amount per shipment, (up to 2 Kg) ... Currently free !!! (only Spain)


General conditions:

Repairs are guaranteed for 6 months from the receipt of the paddle racket, as long as the damage is due to normal use of the paddle racket and is located in the repaired area, excluding any blows or dents with walls or other paddle rackets.
It will be repaired without cost to the customer any breakage due to a defect in the repair such as: bad union between paddle and fiber patch or others that are determined by examining the blade or photo sent by the customer.
Transportation is not included in this guarantee.

EXAMPLES OF REPAIRS: you can see some more on Facebook https://es-es.facebook.com/dartechcarbono

VLWC3 reparada Varlion Hexagon VLWC4
Nb StVie Rotura akkeron Varlion





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Manufacture carbon fiber parts

In this section I show you some of the pieces that I have been commissioned to manufacture, starting from an original piece in some cases and copying it to make it in carbon fiber, and in other cases making the whole project: taking measurements, model making and molds and manufacture of the final piece. It is a laborious process and fascinating in terms of the resolution of methodologies and various problems that arise. When you see the final piece,  you feel that it was worth the effort ... we really like challenges, ... and that makes it fascinating ...

- Manufacture of Carbon fiber paddle extensions shifts for McLaren MP4 ( by DARTECH), similar to MSO (McLaren Special Operations)

Mclaren levas1


Mclaren paddle shift 2 by dartech

Mclaren paddle shift by dartech

Mclaren levas7

Ergonomic handling
Mclaren levas8

Centering pins (red) and neodymium magnets to perfect fit.

Mclaren levas9

Mclaren paddle shift 3 by dartech

Mclaren levas2



Mclaren levas4



- Carbon fiber floormats in carbon fiber twill style by DARTECH


alfombrilla mclaren13

 alfombrilla mclaren10

alfombrilla mclaren9

 alfombrilla mclaren12

 alfombrilla mclaren7


 alfombrilla mclaren8

 - Fabricación de pasos de puerta Ferrari F430 en fibra de carbono (Carbon fiber door step plate by DARTECH)

paso puerta ferrari F430-1


paso puerta ferrari F430-2

paso puerta ferrari F430-3

paso puerta ferrari F430-4

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Anillos Dartech en fibra de carbono - Carbon fiber Dartech Rings

Algunos de nuestros anillos, ligeros, elegantes y únicos

Dartech ring6

Dartech ring5

Dartech ring1

Dartech Ring2

Dartech ring3

Dartech ring4


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Algunas palas Dartech

Algunas de nuestras palas Dartech, en fibra de carbono, 3 núcleos a elegir, formato redondo o diamante, en puente abierto o cerrado... ¡tú eliges!

Dartech Impronta

Dartech Tempo

Varias dartech personalizadas

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Ultimas reparaciones

Últimas reparaciones, ¡recupera las prestaciones de tu pala!

reparaciones varias

reparaciones varias 2

reparaciones varias 3

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Pasos de puerta Ferrari F430 - Door Step plate Ferrari F430

Pasos de puerta Ferrari F430  - Door Step plate Ferrari F430

Pasos puerta Ferrari F430 - Door Step plate Ferrari F430



DARTECH Carbono  fabrica palas de pádel 100% personalizables y realiza reparaciones de palas de pádel dañadas logrando que recuperen sus prestaciones. Además diversificamos hacia el sector automoción, forrando y fabricando piezas en fibra de carbono para lograr un look más deportivo, exclusivo y elegante. También fabricamos diversos artículos en fibra de carbono, tales como la cartera y el llavero DARTECH. Nuestra última apuesta son los DARTECH Rings, una colección de anillos en fibra de carbono, con gemas Swarovski, tonos fluor y fosforescentes, madera y otros materiales... 

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DarTECH Carbono

(+34) 605 501090 Resultado de imagen de simbolo whatsapp (Whatsapp)

Información y pedidos: info@dartech.es  reparapadel@gmail.com




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